Traffic Regulations in France

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Speed limits in France

Mandatory vehicle equipment in France

High Visibility Jacket High Visibility Jacket Mandatory use of high visibility jacket when leaving the vehicle during accident or breakdown by all passengers and driver 
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit  No regulations
Warning triangle Warning triangle  Required
Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher  No regulations
Minimum tire tread depth Minimum tire tread depth  Summer tires (1,6mm), Winter tires (no regulations)
Winter tires Winter tires  No regulations
Snow chains Snow chains  Tire chain usage is permitted for hazardous weather only, but may not damage the road surface
Vehicle with trailer Vehicle with trailer  Extra side mirrors when width of trailer is higher than vehicle. Extra warning triangle
Spare light bulbs Spare light bulbs  Mandatory (for each light in the vehicle and trailer)
Breathalyser Breathalyser

Brathalysers are compulsory vehicle equipment since 1 July 2012 but the law was changed on 1 March 2013 and fines for not having alcotest in a vehicle were dropped.

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: "The law for carrying breathalysers will no longer be enforced through fines, but in order to comply with the law we still recommend that you keep a breathalyser kit in the car whenever you're travelling to or through France."

Towing rope Towing rope  No regulations

Other regulations for drivers in France

Maximum permissible blood alcohol level Maximum permissible blood alcohol level 0,5‰ 
Use of day driving lights Use of day driving lights  Only during night and bad weather
Use of safety belts Use of safety belts  Required
Wild camping outside campsites Wild camping outside campsites  Allowed for one night on motorway parkings, streets and squares
Wild camping outside campsites Emission class sticker needed to drive into city centers More info here:

Road tools and charges in France

  • No vignette
  • Toll relative to road section
  • Special tolls for tunnels, bridges, city tolls

Emergency telephone numbers in France

European emergency number 112
Roadside assistance +33 438 498 349

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2019.07.23 10:13
The national speed limit for cars outside built-up areas in France was lowered from 90km/h to 80 km/h. I wrote about the background of this change, but Camprest has deleted my comment, without changing the wrongly posted speed limit on their website. Following massive protests, some regions can now make their own speed limits and put 90km/h back in place for well built national roads where this is safe enough.