Bali - wyspa różnorodności

Bali - the Island of diversity

Bali- the first adventure on this island ended for me with an unfortunate ride on a scooter, so I've explored the island while lying on a sun lounger during recovery :) I've learned a thousand ways for the local treatment of wounds and how to get rid of the scars :) I think I met half of the local people from Kuta who observed my leg asking what happened. After a week of answering that I had an accident on a scooter, I found it interesting to change it into the funny story :) Since then, I was answering that I was attacked by a shark :)


My advice: watch out for scooters and remember to drive on the left side of the road :)

Anyway. This year, we decided to go there again. We landed at the airport in Denpasar. Right away we felt the characteristic smell of incenses that pile in countless altars, which are located on every sidewalk and street :) These carved altars are located in each property, hotel, shop, or even at the airport as I mentioned before. Local ppl fill them with flowers, rice, generally everything that happened to be in their hand that time :) And all of this for the gods, so they can protect them from evil and remember about them.

szwedzki stol w jednej z restauracji-1.JPG

Kuta greeted us with crowd and countless warungs (local bars, which have nothing in common with fancy restaurants. They offer loads of indonesian food. Remember not to look in the kitchen !!!! :) It can be scary, better not know what's behind the kitchen's curtain. I recommend MIE GORENG and Nasi Goreng. Unforgettable taste!
All of this, of course with a bottle of Bintang -Indonesian beer!

Bali is an island of temples, big waves, wide beaches and thousands of sculptures, local people who will offer you services and items any kind. Even the strange one :) Hit for me was the Indonesian man, who came up to me on the beach and offered me a crossbow to hunt chickens :)

Prepare yourself for the fact that Asian tourists will catch you everywhere just to take a photo with European tourist:) When you agree on the photo with one of them, after a while you will find yourself among a group of twenty other, who will ask for 'one more one more, but with my camera this time' :) And it will take ca.15minut :)

Stacja benzynowa.JPG

You can explore the island on scooters or in package tours :) At every corner you can find stands with a package tours . they will offer you the lowest price, but on the next stand You will have the same trip but cheaper. So remember to compare prices first:)

Bali- the Island of diversity Bali- the Island of diversity Bali- the Island of diversity Bali- the Island of diversity


2014.03.04 16:06
I've been to Bali twice. I remember especially Bottle of Bintang ;)