Lombok - witamy w raju!

Lombok - welcome to paradise

When we were planning holidays this year, we decided that we have to visit Lombok. We have already heard a little about this island, but not much. Only that it is large and completely different from Bali. Therefore, we didn't really know what to expect.
We reached the island using the transport mentioned in the post devoted to GILI T :) We drove about two hours to find ourselves in Kuta. AND there was the first surprise. It had nothing in common with Kuta on Bali. There-the crowd of tourists, On Lombok- the crowd of children trying to sell hand-made bracelets. We were surprised to hear that they could say, "Hi, how are you" in any language :)
We ate dinner thinking that we can easily find accommodation, but unfortunately it wasn't that easy :)
After about 2 or 3 hours of searching on the scooter we finally made it. Nice, cosy hotel not so far from main street. So remember to book something before you find out there :) (depending on season)

On the island you can find the most beautiful wild beaches. In addition, quite empty. Empty by the time you decide to stay on one of them. Then within 5 minutes you will find a circle of local pople selling pineapples, beer, sarongs, coconuts, or trying to force you to pay a 'parking' fee :)

You don't have to worry about crowds of tourists on scooters because roads are completely empty :) I even dared to het rid of the helmet and long pants: P
I would love to recommend Sonya warung. It is owned by a woman who was born in Lombok and came from a very poor family. As an eight-year old girl she was selling pineapples on the beach in Kuta, trying to earn money for a living. From the age of 15 she was selling sarongs and it lasted for the next 12 years. In 2010 she met a girl-tourist from England and they became friends. She appreciated Sonya's hospitality and she decided to help her by giving her money to finance the construction of new warung. It's a place with incredible food, amiable service in the world and the best watermelon juice EVER!! You can't miss it :)

I also recommend a trip to the northern part of the island to see the waterfalls! Gile Sendang is an attraction that can not be missed. Guide will guide you through the jungle path, through bridges full of holes , under fallen trees straight to the waterfall from the fairytale! You can swim so do not forget your bathing suits and shorts :)


You have to buy souvenirs such as masks, vessels, sculptures etc., because they are very cheap, beautiful and made on the island, not imported.

Surfing is possible. Sadly not by the beach, but somewhere where are the waves. Local ppl will take you with a very small boat (how is it possible that it did not sink? :) where the best waves are. Remember about the memory card to the camera, because I just left mine in laptop, so you will not see photos from surfing trip :) But you have to believe me!! GO AND HAVE FUN :)

To sum up: You have to experience Lombok :)